Elektrotechniek 2018 will take place in November. This bi-annual trade show focuses on all aspects of the sector. The upcoming edition of Elektrotechniek 2018 will have a strong focus on technology, split up into three themes: Open Source & Connectivity, Education & Development and Digital & Technology.

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Open source & connectivity

Cooperation and integration between solutions from different producers is a huge challenge. We create space for open-source solutions to provide inspiration.


Education & development

It is not enough to just put down a few leaflets on training programmes or courses. For this target audience, options with regard to education, training and refresher courses show be prominently displayed.


Digital Technology

Because of all the technological developments, in particular the increasing integration of and ICT applications in technical products and systems, the role and responsibilities of the E-installer/OEM are changing.

Dates & Times

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Floor plan

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